Why was Neymar’s transfer to PSG a big mistake?

Neymar’s move to PSV has been a big success for the Portuguese. The player has already scored a lot of goals for the club and has already become one of the main stars of the team.
The player’s transfer has been well received by the fans and the club. Neymar is a player who can bring a lot to the team and has a lot potential. However, it is also true that he has a number of faults.
Numerous fans and experts have already criticized the player’s behavior during the transfer campaign. This is why the fans have been waiting for the results of the playerโ€™s game for a long time.

The transfer of Neymar to PSM was a good decision for the team, because the player has a great potential and is able to help the club in many ways. The team has already managed to win the Champion League, so it is now important to show a good performance in the Europa League.
However, the transfer of the Brazilian to the club has also its problems. First of all, the player was not able to prove himself in the Premier League. He was not always able to show his best game.
This is not the first time when the player fails in the transfer market. In the summer, he was already involved in a scandal with Chelsea. The club had paid a lot for the player, which was not justified.
In addition, the club failed to pay the transfer fee for the Brazilian. The transfer cost the club a lot, so the club management was not happy with the results.
It is also worth noting that the club did not pay the fee for Neymar. The Brazilian was transferred to the PSG for a price of around 100 million euros. This transfer was not the best decision of the club, because it was not necessary, and the player did not show his maximum.
Many fans have criticized the transfer to the French club. They say that the player is not a good player, and that he is not able in the English Premier League, which is why he was not successful.
If we look at the transfer results of Neymer, we can say that he was able to make a positive impact on the club results. However this transfer was also not the most profitable for the PSM.
Will the club be able to repeat the transfer success of the previous season?
In the previous transfer campaign, the PSV made a good transfer campaign and managed to get a good number of points. This can be seen in the fact that the team managed to finish in the top 4.
Of course, the team needs to improve its results, but it is obvious that the players are ready to fight for the champion title.
Another thing that can be said is that the transfer cost of Neymers is not very high. The cost of the transfer is around 100 millions euros. The players were able to get the necessary money for the transfer, and this is also a good result for the players.
There is still a long way until the end of the season, so there is a high probability that the PSL will be won by the team of Neymars.
What are the main problems of the French team?
The French team is not always in the best shape. The last season, the players did not manage to finish the Champions League. This was a big disappointment for the fans.
One of the reasons for the failure of the players was the transfer policy of the management. The management did not have a good idea of how to use the transfer budget.
They did not spend the transfer funds on the most important players for the squad. This led to the fact, that the French players were not able at the end to finish at the top of the Champions league.
Fans have criticized this decision of management, because they say that it is not good for the French to be in the Champions club tournament.
Moreover, the management did a bad job in the domestic championship. The French team did not finish in a high position in the EPL, which led to a lot criticism from the fans, who called for the resignation of the head coach of the national team. This decision of Neymes was not a success.
Do the players have the right to leave the club?
This transfer of a player to a new team is a big decision. The decision of a club is not an easy one, because a lot depends on the results in the next season.
For this reason, the fans are waiting for a good game of the new team. The new team has a good potential, because many players have already been playing for the new club for a while.
All the players who are leaving the club have a lot in common. They are young and have a high potential. This potential can be used in the future.
Therefore, it can be expected that the new players will be able not only to win, but also to do well in the international arena.
How will the players of the Paris Saint-Germain team be able in future to compete against the best clubs in the world?
There are a lot more questions than answers when it comes to the Paris team. However the players will have a chance to prove themselves in the season ahead.
Recently, the Parisians have shown a good level of performance.

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