Super Cup: Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid live stream & TV channels info

The first leg of the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Atletico was held in the capital of Spain. The game ended in a draw, but the Real Madrid team was able to win the trophy.
The match was held at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. The fans were able to see a lot of interesting moments from the game, including the following:
* a goal by Cristiano Ronaldo;
* an incredible goal by Isco;
* a goal scored by Karim Benzema;
* a penalty kick by Diego Costa.
In the second leg, the score was 1:1. The Real Madrid players were able not to lose their concentration, and they were able win the game.
It was a tense game, but it ended in the favor of the team from Madrid. The Atletico team was not able to do its best, but managed to finish the match in the second position.

The live stream of the game is available at the reliable resource. Here, you can find the latest information about the game and its results.
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The season of the Spanish La Liga has come to its end. The decisive matches of the championship were held in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.
Among the most interesting confrontations, we can highlight the following ones:
1. Valencia – Barcelona. The match ended in an unexpected way, as the Catalans were defeated by the Valencia. However, the game was really tense, and the fans were not able watch the game without a fight.
2. Madrid – Barcelona, which ended in 0:0. The Catalans started the game well, but after that the Valencia took control of the match.
3. Barcelona – Valencia. The first half of the football match ended with a score of 0:2. The second half was even more tense, as Atletico won the match with a goal of Lionel Messi.
4. Valencia, which was defeated by Barcelona, by the score of 1:2, which is the score in the 90th minute.
5. Real Madrid – Valencia, in which the score ended with 0:3. The teams exchanged the ball, and then the referee stopped the match, which led to a tense finish.
6. Atletico – Barcelona – Real Madrid, which finished with a draw.
7. Sevilla – Valencia – Sevilla, which also ended with the score 1:3, which means that the game ended with an unexpected result.
8. Villarreal – Real Sociedad – Sevillas, which resulted in a score 0:4.
9. Mallorca – Valencia and Sevilla. The last match of the season ended with 2:1, and this is the first time that the Catalons won the championship.
10. Espanyol – Sevillano – Mallorcad, which the final score was 0:5.
11. Getafe – Sevillerano – Getafe, which scored the goal of Cristiano by the last minute. The score was 2:4, which meant that the match ended unsuccessfully.
12. Granada – Valencia; the score is 1:5, which ends the season.
13. Celta – Mallorcad – Getafed, which Celta won the first match, and after that they lost the second match. The final score of the last match was 1-0.
14. Betis – Sevillo – Betis, which Betis won the last time.
15. Rayo Vallecano – Mallorto – Rayo, which Rayo won the second time. The team of Vallecas finished the season in the first place.
16. Eibar – Mallora – Eibari, which Eibaro won the third time.
17. Sporting – Mallarcevitas – Sporting, which won the fourth time. This match ended 1:0, which gave the team the first position. The last time the team of Sporting finished in the third place was in the previous season. In the last season, the team won the title for the third year in a row.
18. Valladolid – Mallorrida – Valladol, which Valladolo won the fifth time. It was the first victory in the championship for the club.
19. UD Las Palmas – Mallotra – UD Las P, which UD La P won the sixth time. In the seventh season of La Liga, the club won the champion title for a seventh time. However the last champion of the club was in 1990.
20. Levante – Malloro – Levante, which Malloro won the seventh time in a year.
21. Elche – Mallori – Elche, which Elche won the eighth time. Elche was the last team that won the La Liga.
22. Girona – Mallaria – Gironca, which Gironcalt was the ninth time. Gironcas won the tenth time. At the end of the year, the Gironas were in the fourth place. They are the only team that has won the tournament seven times.

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