Messi, Suarez and Neymar – Football’s S.M.A.R.T.E.S

The summer transfer campaign has already seen a lot of interesting transfers, but the most interesting is the one of Lionel Messi.
The Argentinean has already managed to make a name for himself in the world of the Champions League, and he is now trying to get into the main European club tournament.
This summer, the Barcelona player made a number of interesting acquisitions, among which we can highlight:
* Griezmann;
* Coutinho;
* Iniesta.
In the summer of 2013, the Spanish giants signed the Portuguese midfielder Griezman, who immediately became one of the main stars of the team.
After the departure of the previous player, the team was able to make some progress, but it was still far from the desired level.
However, in the summer, Messi was able not only to strengthen the team, but also to make several important transfers.

The main transfer of Messi’s is the acquisition of Neymar. The Brazilian player is a great talent, and it is now possible to see him in the team of Barcelona.
Neymar has already become one of football’ s most popular stars, and his arrival in the club will definitely be a great success.
Messi’S Transfers
The transfer of the Argentinean to Barcelona was the most expensive in history. The cost of the transfer was around € 100 million, which is a lot for a player of Neyman’ss height and weight.
But this is not the only transfer that the club has managed to do. The club has also signed the Brazilian forward Willian, the midfielder Andres Iniesta, the goalkeeper Sergio Busquets, and the defender Jordi Alba.
These transfers are a proof that the team is now able to compete against the main teams in the Spanish championship.
Will Messi� Return to Barcelona?
The club has already started to show a good result in the domestic championship, but they are still far away from the level of the leaders.
Barcelona needs to strengthen their lineup, especially in the attacking line. However, the club is also able to do this thanks to the signing of Neymen.
Now, the Brazilian is able to play in the center of the field, which will allow the club to strengthen its defense.
All this together will allow Messi to return to the club, and once again he will be able to show his skills.
What Will Be the Future of Messi in Barcelona?
Now the club needs to make the most of the current situation, because Messi is one of their main stars.
He is able not just to score, but to do it in a spectacular manner. The Argentinean is also a great leader, and this is what the club needed.
If the club manages to get Messi back, it will be a real success, and they will be the main favorites in the Champions league.
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Main Intrigues of the Season
In addition to the Champions, the main intrigue of the season is the Europa League.
Despite the fact that the EPL is far from being a favorite, the teams are still able to fight for the places in the playoffs.
At the moment, the most promising teams are:
1. Manchester City.
2. Liverpool.
3. Chelsea.
4. Arsenal.
5. Tottenham Hotspur.
6. Everton.
7. Manchester United.
8. Tottenham.
9. Watford.
10. Brighton & Hove Albion.
11. Southampton.
12. Norwich City.
In general, the Premier League is far away the most popular championship in Europe.
It is the best in terms of the number of matches, and also in terms of the quality of the matches.
Due to this, the EFL Cup is also very interesting, because the clubs have a lot to do to get to the next stage of the tournament.
Will Barcelona Return to the Champion League?
Barça is one the main contenders for the champion league, but there are still a lot that the Catalans need to do in order to get there.
One of the most important tasks for the team will be to get rid of the psychological pressure in the home arena.
There are also a lot more matches ahead, which the team needs to win.
Of course, the Champions is the most prestigious club tournament in the Old Continent, but if the team manages to win it, then it will have a real chance to get in the Europa league. This is especially true if the club can get rid off the psychological barrier.
Barcelona’ S Future
The team is one step away from getting into the Champions club, but this is still a long way away.
Many of the players have already managed this, and now they need to show their maximum.
They have already shown that they can play in a number 1 position, but now they must show that they are able to perform in the national championship. In order to do that, the players need to strengthen other positions.
For this, they can use the transfer campaign of the summer.

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