Klopp: The only chance for success is 100% effort

The German coach has repeatedly said that the main goal for the team is to win the Champions League. This means that the team has to play with the same intensity and motivation as in the previous season. This is exactly what the team needs, because it has lost a lot of points in the domestic arena and in the international arena.
In the last few years, Bayern has repeatedly failed in the Champions league, so the team will have to fight for the title at the end of the season. However, the team can only count on a 100% motivation and effort.
The team is not the only one that needs to improve. Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea are also in a difficult position. However the German coach says that the Reds will not be able to fight against the main favorites of the tournament.

The main problem for the German team is the lack of motivation. The team has not won the Champions cup for several years, and it has not managed to win gold medals in the past few years. This has caused the team to lose points in all competitions.
At the moment, the main problem is the fact that the players are tired of losing points. This can be seen in the fact, that they are not able to win matches. This does not allow them to be the main contenders for the gold medals, which is a real disappointment.
However, the coach also says that it is possible to win in the long run. He points out that the German players have the necessary experience and motivation to win.
It is now much easier to follow the results of the matches of the German national team. Here you can find the latest information on the results, as well as the schedule of upcoming matches.
Live Bundesliga results
The Bundesliga is the most popular football tournament in the world. The tournament is held every year and attracts fans from all over the world, which allows it to become one of the most important championships in the football world.
This year, the German Bundesliga is very interesting. The teams are fighting for the champion title. The main favorites are:
* Borussia Dortmund;
* Bayern;
• Borussia M;
· Hoffenheim;
* RB Leipzig.
All of them have a good chance to win a place in the top 4.
Borussia Dortmund is the team that has the best chances of winning the German championship. The club has a good lineup, which can be used in the Bundesliga. The coach also uses the players in the team in the best way possible.
Bayern is also a team that can win the German title. It has a great lineup, and the coach uses it in the right way. However Borussia is the main favorite of the Bundesliga, because the club has the following advantages:
1. Great lineup.
2. Good results.
3. Good motivation.
If the team fails to win one of these advantages, it will be very difficult to win another.
You can always follow the Bundesliga results on the sports statistics website. Here, you will find the information on all matches of this championship.
Football results in live mode
The football season has already ended, which means that it’s time to look forward to the new season. It is now easier to find out the results and football scores of matches of all the top European championships.
One of the main competitions of the new football season is the Champions’ League. The first matches of many of the teams have already shown that they can be a real contender for the victory in this tournament. However they still have a long way to go to get the necessary results. The following teams are the main competitors of the favorites:
• Liverpool;
The club has been in the leading position for a long time, but it is not easy to win it. The problem is that the club doesn’t have the right lineup. This fact is the reason why the team loses points in every match.
• Manchester City;
This team is in a serious crisis, because its main competitor is the club that has just won the Premier League. However this season the team managed to find its game again. The players are ready to fight, and this is the key to the success of the team.
Also, the club is in the lead of the English Premier League, which shows that the fans are ready for another season of the club.
As for the teams that are not in the first places of the standings, they are: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Atletico. The last two teams are in a bad shape. However it is obvious that they will not have the chance to fight in the final tournament of the year.
Follow the results on sports statistics site
You will find here the results from all matches that are held in the championship. It’ll be easy to follow them, because here you will also find the schedule and the results. You can also find out information about the upcoming matches, as the team’slocation, the players’ statistics, as a result of which the coach can make a decision.
Every year, football matches attract millions of fans from around the world to watch them. It can be football matches, basketball matches, or even tennis matches. It all depends on the team and the players.

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