Is Ronaldo’s latest strike the best goal ever?

The Portuguese has scored a hat-trick in a row, but will it be enough to win the Champions League?
This season, the Champions’ League is very interesting for the fans. The main rival of Real Madrid is Barcelona, and the Catalans have a lot of advantages over their rivals. First of all, the Catalonians have a good lineup, which is very well balanced. The team has a good goalkeeper, as well as several attacking players.

The main advantage of the Catalonian team is its excellent teamwork. The players understand each other’s positions well, and they do not have to be told what to do. This is very important for a team that is trying to win a title.
The Catalonian team has several players who are able to score goals. Among them are:
· Cristiano Ronaldo;
·3· Sergio Busquets;
· Jordi Alba.
This list can go on and on. All of them have a great game, and Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world. He has scored many goals, and he is always ready to make a pass.
However, the Portuguese is not the only player who can score goals in a match. The Catalonias have a number of other players who can also score goals, but they are not as good as Ronaldo. For example, the following players can also be called excellent:
1. Sergio Ramos;
2. Lionel Messi;
3. Neymar;
4. Sergio Agüero;
5. Dani Alves.
All of them can score a lot, but the most important thing is that they are able not to be tired. This helps them to score many goals.
If the Catalons are able score a number that is not too small, then they can be considered as the main contenders for the title. However, the main rival is Barcelona. The Catalan team has many advantages over the Catalona rivals, but if the Catalones are able win the main trophy of the Old Continent, then it will be very difficult for Real Madrid to win it.
Will Ronaldo’s hat-tricks help Real Madrid win the champion title?
The season has already ended, and it has been a successful one for Real. The club has won the Champions’ League, and this is the main goal for the club. The next tournament is the Europa League, which will be held in the next season.
Real Madrid has already won the Spanish Cup, and now it is ready to defend the trophy. The Champions League is the most prestigious tournament in the Old World, and Real Madrid has a very good chance of winning it. The following factors can help the club to win:
* Good lineup;
*Good teamwork;
*Excellent individual skills of the players. However the most powerful factor is the Portuguese Ronaldo.
In the Europa Cup, the team has the following advantages over its rivals:
• Better lineup; and
•Better teamwork.
It is clear that the team will have to play well in order to win gold medals. The Portuguese has already scored a number goals, which can be called a hat trick. It is clear how much the club will be able to count on his hat- trick.
What are the main goals of the team in the upcoming season?
In order to be able win gold, the club needs to do its best in all tournaments. The Europa League is a tournament that will be extremely difficult for the team, and its main goal is to win. The previous season, it was very difficult, but now the team is ready for it. It has a number players who have already won a tournament, and these are::
● Zlatan Ibrahimovic;
●2· Cristian Pavon;
•3· Sergio Ramos.
These players are able, together with Ronaldo, to score a hatful of goals. The best goal of the season was scored by the Portuguese, who scored a goal in each of the matches of the Europa tournament.
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