Have Barcelona won La Liga already?

Barcelona are the current champions of La Liga, but they have already won the tournament a few times. The team has a good lineup, and it is quite capable of winning the tournament. However, it is not the only team that can win it. The Catalans have a good squad, but the main rivals of the team are Real and Atletico.
At the moment, the team is in the middle of the standings, but it is still possible to make a comeback to the top-4. Barcelona has a very good lineup that can be used for many different purposes. It is also possible to use it for the attack, which is the most important part of the game.
The team has many players who can be called stars of the current season. Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba are some of the players who have already become the main stars of La liga. They are able to make the team look good in every match.

The Catalans will try to win the trophy again, but this time they will have to do it without the help of the Madrid team.
Barça’s chances of winning La Liga
The current season of LaLiga has already shown that Barcelona is not going to be a favorite of the tournament, but if the team wins the Champions League, then it will be able to win La Liga.
In the current campaign, the Catalans were quite successful. They won the Copa del Rey, and they also managed to win a place in the Champions league zone. The main goal of the club is to win gold medals in the tournament that will be held in the next season.
This season, the club has a lot of problems, but in the long run, it will become a real favorite of all the competitions.
What are the main challenges for the team?
The main problems of the Catalonians are:
1. Lack of motivation. The club has been in the top 4 for a long time, and now it is really difficult to win it back. The players are tired of winning, and the club does not have enough motivation to do so.
2. Weak lineup. The current team has the following players:
· Messi;
·2. Iniesta;
3. Busquet;
4. Benzema.
All of them are not able to be the main star of the squad.
3 players are not the best in the current La Liga season. It has become much easier for Barcelona to win, but now it will take a lot more effort from the club.
It is also important to note that the team has not been in a good shape for a while, so it is difficult to make quick changes.
Will Barcelona be able win the tournament?
Barcelonas chances of getting into the top four are quite high. The following factors can help the team to win back the title:
* Good teamwork;
*3. Good lineup;
5. Good management.
Of course, the most difficult thing for the club will be the Champions cup. However the club managed to get into the zone of the Champions, so there is still a chance for them to get to the next stage.
If the team manages to get out of the group stage, then there is a good chance that the club can get into a higher position.
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Who will be a real contender for the title?
This summer, Barcelona has been quite busy, and many players have left the club, which has affected the results of the season. The most important thing for Barcelona is to continue to improve its lineup, as well as to strengthen the team. The first goal of any team is to get a place into the Champions zone.
However, this is not an easy task, as the team will have a lot to do to do this. The previous season, Barcelona was in the zone, but there were many problems with the lineup. Now, the main problem of the Barcelona is the lack of motivation, as they are not at the top of their game. It will be very difficult for the Catalons to get back to the Champions this season. However they can do it, if they manage to improve their results.
There is still time for the Barcelona to get closer to the title, but at this stage, it looks like the team can not win it again.
Main rivalries of the teams
Barca has a number of rivals that can seriously affect the results. The teams are: ​​Real, Atletico, Valencia, and Atalanta.
Real is a team that has a long history in the Spanish championship, and for the last few seasons, it has been able to get close to the champion title. However in the last season, Real lost the title to Barcelona.
A lot of factors can affect the result of the match. For example, the weather conditions, and so on. However for Real, the match against Barcelona was very difficult, as it was very hot and the fans were not able take part in the game at the same time.
Despite this, the Real Madrid team managed to finish in the first place.

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